All times listed are in Mountain Time.
All events will take place over Zoom.

Retreat Agenda

Download Retreat Agenda [pdf]

Friday, June 24
5:30-6:30pm Opening Social
Saturday, June 25
12:00-2:00pm Group Smudging and Healing Circle
2:30-4:00pm Beading Circle
Hosted by the Mentorship Committee - All are Welcome
4:00-5:30pm Invited Elder Dr. Henrietta Mann
Sunday, June 26
12:00-2:00pm APA Indigenous Apology Workgroup Listening Session
2:30-3:30pm SIP Student Gathering
3:45-4:00pm Welcome Song
4:00-5:30pm SIP Business Meeting & Awards Ceremony
6:30-8:00pm Internal Family Systems (IFS) Implementation in Indian Country led by Dan Foster, Melinda Garcia, & Susan Mcvicker

Convention Agenda

Monday, June 27
Title Presenter(s)
9:30am Opening & SIP Presidential Remarks
10:00-11:15am Keynote Keynote Megan Bang
11:15am-12:05pm Clinical Considerations (3 talks listed below)
A Quality Improvement Study of The Beauty Way Program for Indigenous Children Sheena Greenstone & Chesleigh Keene
AI/AN Mental Health Practitioners on Psychological Distress, Social Support & Wellness M. Standing Eagle Baez
Alaska Native Elders' Cultural Views of Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementia Maria Christina Crouch
12:15-1:00pm Honoring our Two Spirit, Trans, and Nonbinary Relatives (panel) Mark Daniels & Guests
1:00-1:30pm Lunch
1:30-2:30pm Poster Session
2:30-3:30pm Building Sacred Spaces: Centering Indigenous Peoples in Couseling Psychology Jillian Fish, Amy L. Reynolds, Laurie "Lali" D. McCubbin, & Anita L. Mihecoby
3:30-4:30pm Current Practices in Telepsychology (panel) B. J. Boyd, Sarah A. Rhoades-Kerswill, & Evan J. White
4:30pm Closing Prayer
Tuesday, June 28
Title Presenter(s)
9:45am Opening Prayer
10:00-11:15am Keynote Keynote: Omission as the Modern Form of Bias Against Indigenous Peoples Stephanie Fryberg
11:15am-12pm Conversation about an Apology to First Peoples and Nations Linda M. Woolf, Linda Forrest, Sandra L. Shullman, & Janet T. Thomas
12:10-1:00pm Voices of the Ancestors and Elders Stephanie Wescoup, Lahoma Schultz, & Royleen J. Ross
1:00-2:00pm Lunch
2:00-3:00pm Indigenizing Graduate Course Curriculum: Strategies and Mechanisms of Action Cerynn Desjarlais, Gayle Morse, & Joesph Trimble
3:00-3:50pm Mentorship Considerations (3 talks listed below)
Faculty's Values and Motivations for Mentoring Native Students Racheal Killgore & Melissa Leilani Devencenzi
All You Have to Do is "ASK": An Indigenous Approach to Holistic Wellness in Academia Devon Isaacs, Sallie Mack, & Erica Ficklin
Indigenous Mentorship Approaches and Outcomes on Indigenous Mentees Elaine Atay
4:00-4:30pm SIP Native-to-Native Mentorship SIP Mentorship Committee
4:30-5:00pm Convention Closing: Talking Circle
5:00pm Closing Prayer